JADEVER Fire Drill in November Nov 15, 2022

JADEVER Fire Drill in November

Fire drills are activities to enhance people’s awareness of safety and fire prevention. It enables people to further understand and master the fire handling process, as well as enhance the coordination and cooperation ability in the process of handling emergencies.

Fire drills are good for people to build up the awareness of mutual help and self-rescue, so that they can better protect themselves in case of fire.

JADEVER Fire Drill will enable the staff to further understand the process of handling fire and other emergencies. Department concerned prompted to guide employees to evacuate safely and quickly, learn to use fire extinguishers correctly and master the methods of escape.

Through this fire drill, employees will be able to escape in time and use the firefighting knowledge they have learned to handle the situation safely.

It can effectively avoid the loss of life and protect the life and property of employees. From this aspect, fire drills are of great significance.

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