JADEVER Theme Training——2022 Fire Prevention Month Nov 17, 2022

JADEVER Theme Training——2022 Fire Prevention Month

In order to increase the awareness of fire safety for all people, November 9 is designated as the national “Fire Prevention Day”. JADEVER held a fire safety training yesterday afternoon.


This training was well attended and all employees took good notes. The training was mainly divided into four parts. Firstly, the relevant provisions of the fire law; secondly, general knowledge of firefighting; thirdly, the correct use of firefighting equipment. Fourth, firefighting and escape.


Several examples of major fire accidents were cited during the training, which can serve as a good warning.


Firefighting is a long-term, difficult work, never overnight work, only rely on fire month is difficult to achieve the work goals and tasks.


Only if each of us raises the awareness of prevention in our daily work and life, and strictly implements the tasks of fire prevention, can we ensure our personal happy life and the safe and stable operation of the company.

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